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<Play this summer on Nintendo Switch!>

The Nintendo Switch is getting magnetised with a Flux 8 release! Play through all the levels on the go, by yourself or with a friend. Collect cosmetics and create your own levels in the level editor.

<About Flux8>

As a sentient magnet, enslaved in a factory, you have two options: work or be terminated! However, not all magnets are born to work. Some dream of freedom and choose to rebel. There’s a whole wide world waiting just outside those factory doors… you must remain positive! Flux8 is a puzzle platformer, based around the polarity of magnets and how they react to opposite and similar forces.

<Key Features>

  • Take control of Newt and Tess, or play split-screen with a friend! Navigate the factory floor attracting and repelling at will to avoid your untimely demise.
  • Test yourself with fiendish puzzles and avoid deadly traps as you head for freedom.
  • Collect loot throughout your escape to customize Newt and Tess with a range of fashionable accessories.
  • Create your own adventures with the in-built level editor.